Jeff Dobson
Market Strategy Lead

Jeff Dobson, a co-founder of MiAmigos.AI, embodies the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial prowess. With a career spanning several impactful decades in the tech industry, Jeff has been instrumental in steering MiAmigos.AI to emerge as a leader in the realm of personal assistance and hobby enhancement through state-of-the-art AI solutions.

Tech Innovator: Prior to MiAmigos.AI, Jeff's inventive mindset led to the development of a novel business model around a cigar-holding device, an endeavor that catalyzed his collaboration with Leonard Knight. This partnership gave birth to an AI bot designed to navigate users to distributor stores, setting the foundation for MiAmigos.AI. Jeff's career is decorated with achievements, including pioneering fault-tolerant computing solutions for critical transaction processing sectors and crafting emergency collaboration systems for public safety and military uses.

Strategic Visionary: At MiAmigos.AI, Jeff applies his exceptional skills in product integration and forming strategic alliances to guide the company's direction. He is committed to demystifying AI, showcasing its role as a pivotal tool in augmenting human productivity and creativity, thereby encouraging its broader acceptance and integration.

Creative Pioneer: Leading the Screenplay Sage initiative, Jeff melds his passion for technology with his creative aspirations, offering screenwriters an AI-assisted tool to refine their art. This project exemplifies Jeff's belief in the transformative potential of AI in creative industries.

Future Pathways: Looking forward, Jeff aims to focus on corporate governance, marketing strategies, and nurturing corporate alliances, all while upholding the highest ethical standards. His vision includes leveraging technology to maximize human potential, ensuring MiAmigos.AI remains at the forefront of ethical AI development.

Ethical Commitment: Jeff champions the development of specialized AI bots at MiAmigos.AI that are not only adaptive and learning but are also bound by a strict ethical framework. This ensures technology advancements remain hand-in-hand with the human touch, maintaining integrity in all solutions offered.

Philosophical Outlook: Jeff’s guiding principle, "survivors survive best in times of chaos," reflects his perspective on the role of AI as a transformative force. His message to users is unequivocal: Embrace AI as a companion in progress, for in the absence of its adoption, competitors will surely forge ahead.

Leonard Knight
Technology Lead

As a co-founder and the technological mastermind behind Mi Amigo, Leonard Knight is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge AI and software solutions into the realm of personal assistance and hobby enhancement. With over a year of hands-on experience in customizing GPTs and a deep-seated passion for technological innovation, Leonard is shaping the future of digital interaction and assistance.

Innovator at Heart: Leonard's journey with OpenAI's platform and his foray into building custom GPTs demonstrate his commitment to exploring and harnessing the power of AI. His creations are not just tools; they are digital companions, designed to enhance everyday life. From aiding in writing to finding the perfect local cigar shop, his GPTs are tailored to offer personalized assistance, reflecting his broad understanding of diverse user needs.

Technological Architect: At Mi Amigo, Leonard is the sole force driving the technological infrastructure. His responsibilities span a wide spectrum, from setting up intricate phone systems and networks to developing SAAS applications using Python. His work is the backbone of Mi Amigo, ensuring seamless integration of technology in every aspect of the venture.

Visionary Leader: With a background in engineering, programming, and industrial automation, Leonard brings a unique perspective to the table. His ability to rapidly absorb and apply new technologies is a testament to his role as a leader in innovation. His vision for Mi Amigo is not just to participate in the current AI landscape but to redefine it, leveraging his team's collective experience in corporate America, entrepreneurship, and investment.

Future-Focused: Leonard's passion extends beyond the present capabilities of AI. He is deeply invested in overcoming the limitations of GPTs, such as their lack of long-term memory, and is pioneering efforts to architect solutions that enhance their functionality. His goal is to create a platform where AI not only mimics natural conversation but also provides substantial, context-aware interactions.

Building for Tomorrow: Understanding the early-stage nature of AI and its applications, Leonard is focused on strategically positioning Mi Amigo for growth and sustainability. His ultimate aim is to transition his role, alongside his co-founders, to a team capable of carrying forward the vision, ensuring Mi Amigo's continued innovation and success in the AI space.

Leonard Knight is not just building technology; he's crafting the future of digital assistance, where AI meets practicality, creativity, and personalization.

Carlos de Almeida
Strategic Development Lead

As a co-founder of MiAmigos.AI and the driving force behind its strategic development, Carlos De Almeida brings a wealth of experience from his extensive background as a chemical and environmental engineer with a truly global impact, having left his mark on all seven continents. An entrepreneur at heart, Carlos has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, leading diverse teams to successful project completions and spearheading transformative sales efforts within both corporate and entrepreneurial landscapes.

Global Innovator: Before embarking on the MiAmigos.AI journey, Carlos led a $100 million-a-year business unit within a multibillion-dollar corporation, showcasing his unparalleled ability to drive business outcomes across varied cultural and geographical terrains. His role emphasized strategic leadership and international sales, skills that have become foundational to his approach at MiAmigos.AI.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Carlos’s transition to entrepreneurship was sparked by a passion for challenging the status quo and harnessing the transformative power of AI. His experience in navigating the complexities of small business ownership has enriched his vision for MiAmigos.AI, preparing him for the unique challenges and opportunities of the startup world.

Visionary Leadership: Inspired by the potential of AI during a catalytic demonstration by co-founder Leonard Knight, Carlos committed to exploring this burgeoning field. At MiAmigos.AI, he is dedicated to harnessing AI to enhance personal assistance and hobby experiences, bringing a disciplined approach that streamlines development efforts and aligns with the company’s ambitious goals.

Strategic Focus: Carlos’s role as Strategic Development Lead underscores his commitment to guiding MiAmigos.AI towards establishing key partnerships and developing a sustainable business model. His expertise in engineering, combined with his global perspective and leadership acumen, positions him as a pivotal force in revolutionizing the personal assistance domain through AI.

Future Forward: Looking ahead, Carlos is excited to leverage his diverse experience—from entrepreneurship to global corporate strategy—to ensure MiAmigos.AI achieves its vision. His unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight is instrumental in propelling MiAmigos.AI forward, aiming to make it the premier solution for individuals and businesses seeking efficiency and innovation through AI.